Saturday, 21 June 2014

My Introduction

Social media is our generations way of communicating, keeping up with current affairs and entertainment. During my pregnancy with my first child I probably did the most research I ever have in my life, I include school and exams in this. It is the most life changing experience I've ever had therefor I needed to be prepared for it. Blogs, YouTube and forums were my go to place for information, from morning sickness to placenta praevia, I googled it all. From reading and hearing about other people's experiences it allowed to me to become better acquainted with what my own experience might be like. It allowed me to prepare for different scenarios and it allowed me to catch a glimpse of what I was letting myself in for. Without these videos and blogs I don't think I would have gotten used to motherhood half as quick as I have. 
So through multiple late night feeds I began to think 'Could my experience help someone else?' And eventually I decided yes. My experience might help some of you.

So here we are. I intend for this to be a baby orientated/lifestyle/fashion/homey kind of blog which I will try and update regularly, but anyone with a newborn baby will agree, isn't the easiest thing to promise. It will be full of helpful (I hope!) reviews of things I've loved and loathed and the things I can't live without and some of my experiences of first time motherhood. Here is my story...

Hope you enjoy

Kirsty x


  1. Hi Kirsty. Welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood and blogging. I love the design of your blog it is gorgeous. Good luck and I look forward to reading a lot more of your posts.


    Mrs H xxxx