Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My 10 Hospital Must Haves

1. Comfy Pyjamas/clothesBefore and after birth for me style went out the window. It was all about being comfy. I had G's trousers, oversized tshirts, fleecy pyjamas. Nothing right, just lots of big baggy comfy clothes.

2. Big pants
Think Bridget Jones. The bigger the better. This specifically helped after a section but I imagine it to apply to natural birth too. I bought some pretty colourful ones from Asda so they weren't as bad, who am I kidding. They were pretty bad. But believe me when I say, you don't care. Comfort supersedes sexy. Always.

3. Boots maternity pads
They did the job. Large and comfy.

4. Tommee tippee breast pads
I read before hand that these were the best and now after trying a few I agree. They're comfy and the most absorbent I've found. If you're only in the hospital for a day or 2 they might not be a necessity. But as I was in for 4 days after my baby was born and my milk had came in, they came in very handy.

5. A good book
When being induced, if it doesn't happen straight away, which it usually won't, there's a lot of waiting about. If you are in need of good read, some books for holiday and you need some inspiration I suggest taking a look at my best friends blog for some great reviews on fabulous books.

6. Nice shower gel
The one thing I craved more than anything the day after my c-section was a nice warm shower. I used Soap & Glory's Scrub of Your Life the The Righteous Butter for a little mini pamper session. Admittedly after any kind of birth most of us aren't looking our best but it really helped me feel a little better about myself.

7. Comfy socks
I took 3 pairs of thick fluffy socks with me and they were feet heaven. Being in hospital for 6 days meant I didn't really move very far. When I did get out of my bed I didn't need to bother with shoes or slippers.

8. Nursing vests
In the first few days I felt like I was nursing constantly. The vests made this slightly easier. I used the vest from h&m they made life so much easier. It meant I could quickly and easily whip them out when I had a crying newborn. I had a nursing bra and a plain old T-shirt the first day but the T-shirt revealed too much and the bra was fiddely and annoying when I wasn't used to it. The vests saved all these problems.

9. Lots of vests and baby grows
3 days before I went in to hospital I had been told my baby was only just below 8lbs so I had pulled out all my 0-3 month baby grows from my hospital bag and replaced them with smaller ones. Turns out that growth scan was seriously inaccurate and Logan popped out at 10lbs 12oz. I had a few baby grows to fit him but not nearly enough for the amount of time we spent in the hospital. Luckily we only live minutes from the hospital so Gavin was able to pop home and stock up but I didn't like not having enough straight away. Pack for every eventuality.

10. Nappies and wipes
Unlike in America where the hospital give you everything, the NHS give you nothing extra. You have to take your own nappies which they clearly tell you before you go in. What they don't tell you to take is wipes! Being first time parents these kinds of things don't cross your mind. After a pretty horrific first nappy change using water and cotton wool Gavin immediately came back the next day bearing wipes.

These were just some of the things I took in to the hospital which I found made our life slightly easier. Did you take any life saving items that you could share?

Kirsty x

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